International School of Design Andheri / Ghatkopar is a design institute imparting quality education. INSD Andheri / Ghatkopar has evolved and emerged as one of the premier institutes in the country for design education, especially in the field of fashion designing and interior designing. The institute provides a platform for design education, research & training.

International School of Design Andheri / Ghatkopar had a rewarding journey so far. INSD Andheri / Ghatkopar is now a pioneer in envisioning and evolving design education in the country through a national network of several professionally managed training centers all across India. The ideology behind our education system is to contribute significantly to the development of the Indian Design Industry. INSD Andheri / Ghatkopar has set high academic standards and excellent thought leadership. Always in the spotlight, INSD Andheri / Ghatkopar has collaborated with prominent causes & organizations including The India Runway Week as their educational partners in September 2015. INSD Andheri / Ghatkopar aims to set new milestones for young designers.

International School of Design Andheri / Ghatkopar has the vision to give the Indian design industry a pool of creative genii who are technically competent professionals who can take on to compete with the best in the world.

Our curriculum is developed by industry experts hence, it is abreast with all the latest techniques and methodologies. We encourage creativity with innovation and hence the style of education is chosen to be such that it paves the way for creative thought processes among the students. International School of Design Andheri / Ghatkopar believes in empowering the students with the knowledge and technical expertise setting them on the road to success. Our aim and focus are on providing UGC-approved degree and Diploma courses to the students for their bright future.


Mrs. Amitta Gupta